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Friday, June 25, 2010

It's That Time Again - the NJ State Fair

Faithful readers will know that I am a big proponent of state fairs.  In New Jersey there is a carnival in the Meadowlands Complex that calls itself the state fair.  I am NOT referring to that.

Instead, I am talking about a fair where residents (in this case statewide) compete in activities ranging from turkey calling to canned jams and jellies.  There's livestock and NJ 4-H...and on opening day, there's a decent fireworks display.

In short...its a blast!

I lurve the NJ state fair.

Every year about this time, I stalk the local farmer's market to find items that I can prepare and enter the fair.  I have had moderate success and have ribboned every year that I've entered items (knock on wood, don't wanna jinx it).  This year will be no different.  I have been busy in the test kitchen with my most recent batch of ingredients, including the mint previously discussed on this post.

If you don't live in NJ look for the county/state fair in your area. But, if you live in NJ, please check out the competition categories here and for the adventuresome and competitive among you, find the entry form here.

And prepared to get your a@# kicked by me at this year's fair. ~ksp

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