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Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Tale of Two Soups

If I wasn't a dumpling in a previous life, surely I was a soup.  I absolutely love brothy soups. I especially love ethnic variations on a chicken broth soup.

First up, is Vietnamese Pho.  There is a great recipe here. If i don't make a pot at home, I go to Binh Duong in Bloomfield.  It's a small, local-to-me place that has pretty good ratings and is always busy.


My other favorite soup is chicken pozole (or posole). It's a traditional hominy-based Mexican stew closely associated with the Pacific-coast state of Guerrero.  I first had this soup at a best-ever dinner party in November 2011.  Since then, I harassed the hostess for the recipe. 

Yes, there a whole chili in there.

Pozole for 5 – 8 people: in a humungous soup pot: heat 2 T olive oil with garlic and add 3 chicken breasts. Sear the skins until beautiful golden brown and tasty! Then fill the pot with water and boil gently, adding the drained Hominy grains (I use a huge 5 pound can about 10 inches tall, which I find at Mexican grocery stores-you will want a lot). Add 3 T Mexican oregano and simmer pozole for about an hour or so. When you know the chicken has released its flavor to hominy and broth, remove them to cool, remove skin, and then gently pull apart the chicken into sizes you enjoy (some make it like thread, others like larger chunks in the soup) and return to pozole pot.

As you simmer, it’s easy to prepare the ingredients that await the pozole on the serving table:
  • Thinly Slice lettuce
  • Small diced white onions
  • Thinly sliced radishes
  • Oregano pieces
  • Lime wedges
  • Mexican hot sauce (El Yucateco-Habanero Roja is my favorite it can be purchased at Amazon here.)
 So, if you are in the soup mood, I strongly suggest either of these soups as a welcome change from the ho-hum chicken and rice. ~ksp

My American readers...don't forget to file your taxes by April 17th!