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Monday, May 16, 2011

Retail Therapy - A Story of Consollation

I was not able to go to Maryland Sheep and Wool this year and I feel mixed about it.  First, I was over-subscribed. I had just spent several days in Syracuse bowling in the USBC tournament discussed here.  Second,  while I am not yet comfortable with it, I am trying to do less.  I detest starting a full work week tired.  I can become the most unpleasant person by Wednesday of a week like that.

In the end, I'm glad I didn't go, but damn did I miss it.  What's a whore to do when she's cut off from her fibre pursuits?  Well, retail therapy, of course.

I strolled through the offerings on several websites including etsy and decided to  choose a fiber that I don't currently have in my stash. (Those of you who are keeping tabs on the fibre stash...mind your own business here).

I decided on a polwarth top.  According to the info on The Spinning Loft's website, polwarth is soft and fine. This breed was developed in the 1880s when Lincoln/Merino Cross ewes were bred to Merino Rams to produce a dual purpose breed with an emphasis on wool production. Second in softness to only Merino.

This offering from HeadlyGrange is called Green Eggs and Ham (favorite book) and I love it. It's subdued but not boring.I can't wait to get it to the wheel.

I also got this Spinsleydale; it is very exclusive developing breed.  It’s amazingly soft almost transparent fleece with some of the feel of Wensleydale. According the seller, “the bold locks almost seem three dimensional........thus the name Spinsleydale.”

 Lastly, in addition to the fibre purchases, I purchased a half share of Jacob fleece from Jacob's Reward Farm in Parker,Texas. According to wikipedia, the Jacob sheep is a rare breed of small, piebald (black and white spotted), polycerate (multi-horned) sheep.

They're rare, they're small, they're old and their fleece is mine all mine.  I love being a shareholder to a small fiber producer. They blog here.

So in short, I missed my favorite fibre festival, but I was saved by internet shopping...that is...until NY Sheep and Wool this October.  ~ksp

Sunday, May 8, 2011

3's the Charm

My mother has three children - a boy and two girls.  While we have several similarities, we are very different.  For Mother's Day this year, we got her a new charm for her bracelet.

It contains each of our birthstones in birth order-left  to right. I'll have it attached to her bracelet this week. 

Attributes of the sapphire:
§  Truth, sincerity and constancy; and
§  Clairvoyance, insight and interpretation.

Attributes of aquamarine:
§  Faithfulness, courage and friendship; and
§  Awareness, quick response and easing communication problems; and
§  This gemstone is often used as a charm by sailors for protection while at sea.

Attributes of amethyst:
§  Sincerity and a calm disposition: and
§  Stability, peace, balance, courage, inner strength.

Its hopefully a small but meaningful gift to say thanks for all of the things she's done and continues to do for each of us.
Happy Mother's Day!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Goal Tracker-Bowling Tournament

In 2009, here, I set a personal goal of entering a bowling tournament.  Well, the year came and went and it didn't come to fruition.

As life sometimes has it, two years later, I am able to fulfill this goal as an entrant in the the United States Bowling Conference (USBC) Women's Tournament in Syracuse, NY.  The tournament has five woman teams over several weeks.  Teams are ranked according to averages and there are prize.

Team Uniform
Team Logo Closeup
Name Embroidered on Back
In addition to team competitions there are also doubles and singles categories.  For those events, there will be a costume change to this outfit.


I love my brown-skinned bowling girl.  All of our uniforms were custom-embroidered and I lurves them.

We bowl Thursday and Friday.  Wish us/me luck. ~ksp


ETA: I have a 147 average and it held throughout the team event.  I bowled a 452 series and $25 (net) in the wagering which is very common in bowling tournament. ~ksp