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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Goal Tracker-Bowling Tournament

In 2009, here, I set a personal goal of entering a bowling tournament.  Well, the year came and went and it didn't come to fruition.

As life sometimes has it, two years later, I am able to fulfill this goal as an entrant in the the United States Bowling Conference (USBC) Women's Tournament in Syracuse, NY.  The tournament has five woman teams over several weeks.  Teams are ranked according to averages and there are prize.

Team Uniform
Team Logo Closeup
Name Embroidered on Back
In addition to team competitions there are also doubles and singles categories.  For those events, there will be a costume change to this outfit.


I love my brown-skinned bowling girl.  All of our uniforms were custom-embroidered and I lurves them.

We bowl Thursday and Friday.  Wish us/me luck. ~ksp


ETA: I have a 147 average and it held throughout the team event.  I bowled a 452 series and $25 (net) in the wagering which is very common in bowling tournament. ~ksp

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Donna Lee said...

I bowled in a tournament once as part of a team. I was the person they brought onto the team to keep their average down! It was great fun and we actually placed rather high (3rd I think) in the state.

Good Luck! And I love your brown bowling girl too. The uniforms/costumes are a great idea.