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Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Don't Make Resolutions...

...but I am a wicked goal setter...and 2009 is chuck full of goals.

1. Be More Present - sometimes I find myself rushing my life away and my days are a blur. Working on being in the moment. This is from a fab vacation with a good friend a few years ago.

Me in Jamaica many moons ago.

2. Visit London 2009 - Very good friends of mine moved just outside London two years ago and I have been remiss to visit. I am going in June, unfortunately, the USD sucks compared to the GBP. While I'm there I may take the chunnel toParis. Im going to Wool Fest and Wimbledon for sure.


3. Danskin Mini-Triathlon. It was my intention to complete this charity mini-triathlon in 2008. Missed the mark. Hopefully, this year.

4. Improve Batting Average - See previous post about shameful batting in previous softball seasons.

5. Expand Gardening - The economy being what it is, I am looking to expand my the offerings in the garden this spring.

6. Enter a Bowling Tournament - I have finally gotten my bowling average to a decent 150. I am entering my first real tournament at Parkway Lanes.


7. Start Business - gourmet jellies, sauces and rubs. More info on this venture later...

In the meantime, I am working on a quilt/blanket combo for my friend Azalea who is expecting her first child. More on the blankie/quilt combo later.

'Lea in Cuba in 2005

Be well. ~ksp


Jessica said...

Wonderful goals. Can I steal away in your suitcase to London?!?! I would love to go there...

Kim said...

Excellent & fun goals. I am a lazy bum by comparison. However, my goal is to be a frequent customer of your jam, rub business!

Ina said...

Good luck with your goals! #7 has my attention.

Victoria said...

you need to mention me in your blog. am i not going to london?

Donna Lee said...

good goals and all quite doable. Except maybe the marathon thing.....I hate to run. I have entered (and won) a bowling tournament. I was the handicapper on my team. I never had an avg higher than 120. Now, the arthritis keeps me from playing. I miss it sometimes. I look forward to the food business!

btw-I really like your new photo.