The Life and Projects of An Avid Hobbyist

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Either Really Early or Hella Late!!

For some time now, I have been planning on coordinating a scarf and dress mittens to go with my charcoal gray winter dress coat. 

Yeah, I know, winter is already officially over...but who cares...I'll be hella early for next winter.  The offering on the left is Sundara fingering silky merino.  It was an offering from a yarn club she offered several years ago...I love her tonal dyeing.  I am thinking of making Evelyn Clark's Swallowtail Shawl it's a simple triangle.

I'm making a pair of color-coordinated, stash-busting  Fiddlehead mittens using Trekking Pro Natura wool-bamboo blend and some Koigu KPM in the beautifully named 233 colorway.

Doughnut added for scale :)
Now I just have to find set of US 4 DPNs and get much for being early. ~ksp

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Murder Attempt

I think my local bagel shop is trying to kill me.  Check out the amount of butter they put on one bagel.

Good Gawd!!

Quarter for scale.
I have to ask for it on the side so as to slow their obvious murder attempt...~ksp

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back in the Saddle

...meanwhile, back at the ranch....It's been a crazy and trying season round these parts and I am glad to be back to some semblance of new normal.  Thanks to all that expressed concern.  I am well....

....and in craft news....readers may remember in June 2010, I was in Florida visiting family and nearly lost my mind due to boredom.  After all, there is but so much sitting around in the air conditining that I can take. I went to the local Super Jo-Ann's and bought some charm squares. Out of delirum, I ended up purchasing way more than what was needed.

Since one of my dearest friends had his first baby (Baby S), I wanted to honor the event (in my usual fashion) by gifting a quilt.  I took the rest of the charm squares and converted them (with some other scraps) into a flying geese quilt.

I used this tutorial but also sewed an additional seam 1/4" from the first.  This way, after cutting I ended up with what Bonnie Hunter call bonus 1/2 triangle squares.

I have previously completed a flying geese pinwheel quilt and knew that I wanted to do a different layout this time.  After a couple of hours of square placement I came up with a pattern that I liked.  I wanted there to be a color gradation element to the design, as well as be linear.

Baby S Layout
All laid out on the couch and ready for the machine.
After laying it out, I strip pieced it into vertical strips and then into a larger center medallion.  As part of my ongoing efforts to not buy fabric, I used an orange and white in the stash.  for flavor, I added strips of some of the bonus squares that were left over from flying geese production.

Baby Selven
Can you find the odd-ball square?

So far I love it. I still need to create a few more borders. I am trying to use up more of the bonus squares (of which there are too many), but I'd also like to give Baby S his quilt before his first birthday.

I will soon schedule time to rent the long-arm machine and finish this gift.

Any additional border ideas?~ksp

Thursday, March 17, 2011