The Life and Projects of An Avid Hobbyist

Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Commute...Old Love

My first ever textile craft was needlepoint...cross stitch to be exact.  My childhood babysitter created small projects to keep us busy after school and during the high heat of the summer months.

Over the years, I have strayed away from this craft except when it has been necessary, mostly only to create embellishments on other knitterly or sewn projects.

So as  I prepared for my new longer commute to work, I desired to dust off my needle point skills with a sampler project.  I have long been a fan of Mary Corbet’s blog Needle ‘N Thread.  It has lots of patterns and techniques that I find intriguing.  Several months ago, I came across a post that she did on hand embroidery text and lettering found here.  I had to try to create my own.  I purchased a Sublime Stitchery Most Awesome Tea Towel from my favorite local fabric shop Rock, Paper Scissors.  I also dug out all of my old threads and needles and hoops...please note I use the plural for all of these things (I've always been a bit of a craft hoarder)... 

Using Word, I created this display of fonts using ancient latin text historically used for typesetting (more info here...gotta love Cicero).

Next, I'll have to create a light box to transfer the image onto the cloth.  Let's see what all I can remember....curiouser and curiouser...~ksp