The Life and Projects of An Avid Hobbyist

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Misnomer of Multi-tasking

Happy 2016!!

I read an interesting article last year about the fallacy of multi-tasking.  You can get the gist by reading this article.  My meditation this year is to focus on one project (per craft) at a time.  That means one knitting, sewing, kitchen or quilting project at a time.  Hopefully, this will result in more finished items in 2016 and less agita.

A lover of block-of-the-month (BOM) quilts, several years ago, I cut out the (now defunct)'s "Somewhere in Time" quilt.  I gave my brother the BOM Nine Patch Nirvana from the same site (I talked about it here).  I am going to gift this beaut..but first, I've gotta finish it.

Here are the blocks all cut out in a 3-ring binder...

Here are the first 3 blocks...completed for several years....pardon the craptastic photo...

Let's get crafting!! ~ksp