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Thursday, June 24, 2010

F#ck Cancer! - Team DM

My dearest friend DM has a Burkitt-like lymphoma and will spend the summer in treatment at St. Barnabus Medical Center.

I am very pleased and honored that he is allowing me to help him through these tough summer months. Not to do it alone, I enlisted the help of ChopChop and MadameFoo to help ease the imaging issues that cancer treatment can sometimes bring by knitting caps for him to wear.

This group of classy ladies put together a bunch of caps for him to wear. The drab colors are his request to accompany both his wardrobe and default mood.


I lovingly refer to the large and ever-growing list of people who offer his support, food, encouragement "Team DM". Lord knows this is a rough spot and its great to have folks there to help lighten the burden. We also decided that the team's slogan is "F#ck Cancer!". Its our attempt to put the lymphoma on notice that its days are numbered.

I eventually made him try all of the hats (to ensure good fit and to make him laugh). While it will be hard to wear in the summer months, he is often cold in the hospital so they'll come in handy.

A face anyone could love.


yetunde said...

i am praying for your friend. i am also making crochet caps for a friend who has breast cancer. she wants crocheted little flowers on her cap to make her feel pretty.

Victoria said...

the hats are too cute!