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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Quick Question

How much thread do you use in a given month, quarter or year?  Do you know?

A few years ago I discovered was taught that the easiest way to choose a thread for piecing was to use a medium gray.  That little bit of information CHANGED MY LIFE! I no longer try to match my piecing fabrics to my thread (an all white quilt would likely be an exception to this rule, but since I've never made one, we'll never know).

Since then I started buying Signature Master Piece 100% cotton thread (granite) and while completing my holiday gifts, this happened...


That, my friends, was 2,500 yards of long staple Egyptian cotton...gone!

I usually buy it at the Mancuso quilt market aka the Quilt Fest of New Jersey X  to save on shipping costs.  This year it will be March 6-9, 2014 in Somerset, New Jersey.  I also love their King Tut quilting thread AND their Bottom Line for my stitch-in-the-ditch.

Since it's usually around my birthday, I use this an an excuse to go a little wild (emphasis on the little).  This year, my list is as follows:

Metallic: Antique Silver                       Metallic: Cranberry                                    King Tut: Obsidian  

...and a bunch of color cards. ~ksp

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Livin' Blue Quilter said...

I use a grey to piece as well. I tried the Aurifil. People rave about it but I just didn't get it. Right now I am using Coats and Clark. It is less expensive but it holds up well. I absolutely love King Tut threads and have quite a collection. I also like the Bottom Line and the Perfect Quilter which I think has been discontinued. I too am going to the Mancuso show in Hampton, VA. We go every year and stay for a few days. I will look for the signature masterpiece at the Superior Threads booth. I love the granite color and the king tut obsidian. Do you love your bobbin winder as much as I do?