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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WiP Wednesday-Snow Day Edition

I was indoors all day due to the colossal snow that NJ got.  Up to 16" in some spots. Yikes!!  There was a state of emergency that included the closing of state I stayed home to sew.

Here is one of my "in progress" projects...

Here are the bits laid out.
A good friend was a maid of honor for her sorror who is now becoming a mother. We took her MOH dress and cut it up to be in this quilt (it's the sage bits). I backed it with Wonder Under (from my local Wal-mart) and craft muslin (from the stash).  It's a bit heavier than the quilters cotton but I think it will ensure that the taffeta will hold up almost as well.

Here is a rendering of the final project using EQ6:

I'm about 50% through assembling the top. The square that is circled in purple is the final layout and the last manipulation before the top is fully assembled.

 This is for a baby that is due late winter/early spring.  So far, I'm ahead of schedule (#don'twanttojinxit) ~ksp

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