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Monday, February 3, 2014

Another #^(@#* Snow Day

Hello Everybody:

I'm trying to figure out borders for the quilt on my design wall. It's actual one of 2 lone start quilts made from the same jelly roll from a hundred years ago. I am thinking about making 4 mini lone star blocks to tuck into the corners to balance the design out.

This is an old WIP that I pulled out when I recently organized my WIP bins (yes there is more than one) and I had a helluva time trying to match the neutral background #toomanykonaneutraldyelots.  This is going to present a new-to-me quilting challenge to ease in some of the bulk/bubble due to my inconsistent seam allowances.

Gotta love a challenge! ~ksp


Karen Rowland said...

The Lonestar looks great!!

Ramona said...

Boy your quilt is pretty. Love the colors. And we do need to learn and grow... even with quilting.. even if we don't want to. :)