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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Test Your TV Knowledge-A Contest

I am not a fan of party games...but as the Hostess with the Most-est...the baby shower called for games and I had to deliver.  Of course, since I am so particular, I created my own games.

This game is to list the TV mother with their TV show.  For example:
Samantha Stephens/Bewitched
Just for it is for your participation.  We'll do this using the honor system, you cannot use the internet (e.g. google) or a partner to complete the list.  The entrant with the most correct answers win a prize from the fiber stash.

Using a numbered list, report the character's name followed by the name of the TV show. The contest will close at midnight EST on June 18, 2011.

Have fun. ~ksp

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Livin' Blue Quilter said...

Kelli this is a sad commentary on how much TV I have watched over the years, but this was a lot of fun on trying to remember the names of the TV Moms...I fell short in some places, but hopefully my game mates will fall shorter L0L. Here goes...

1. Lorilei Gilmore/Gilmore Girls
2. Kitty/That 70s Show
3 Shirley Partridge/The Partridge Family
4. Marge Simpson/The Simpsons
5. Rochelle/Everybody Hates Chris
(I remember this because my middle name is Rochelle.)
6. Marion Cunningham/Happy Days
7. Carol Brady/The Brady Bunch
8. Peggy Bundy/Married w/Children
9. Miss Ellie/Dallas
10. Wilma Flintstone/The Flintstones
11. Clare Huxtable/The Cosby Show
12. Mama/Mama's Family
13. Mary/227
14. June Cleaver/Leave it to Beaver
15. Florida/Good Times
Notice that I remember most both names of the older shows...I am really dating myself. Thanks for the fun diversion. Robin