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Friday, June 10, 2011

Butter Me Up!

I am a planner at when it comes to throwing a party, the planning comes naturally.

As I metioned earlier, my BFF and her husband are expecting as as part of my "Best Aunite in the World" duties, I hosted not one, but two baby showers.

The colors for the party were pink and yellow and the theme was "Walk in the Sunshine"**. We worked baby footprints (like the ones below)into some of the elements...although the ones we used are pink and carried the shower theme into favors.

I scoured several sources to get decent body butter/cream recipes. I had a few criteria.  I wanted to use all natural ingredients.  Natural to the point that you could eat it with no ill effects.  I also wanted products with citrus scents and I wanted something practical that would be used.

I started with some unrefined cosmetic grade beeswax and added equal proportions of shea butter mineral oil.  I also added citrus essential oil.

Melting solids in a double boiler.
The ingredients in a liquid state
Wand-mixing while the ingredients cooled

I wanted more of a whipped texture and so I whipped out the handy wand mixer.  It took forever, because it cooled very slowly.

Amber PET jars from here.
The finished result....
Body Butter

It was added to the bag (below) with other bath-related items including: a bath scrunchie, a duck-shaped pumice stone, some product samples and a made-by-me bath bomb.

Favor Bag

Everyone loved the party and the food and the favors and most of all the honoree...can't wait to become an auntie. ~ksp

** We call her "Sunshine" because of her constant bright and sunshiny disposition...NOT!

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Livin' Blue Quilter said...

This is a wonderful and thoughtful gift. I have never tried to make my own skin products. Hmmm...I might try this. Will you share your recipe or let us know where you got. Robin