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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mind Your Beeswax

Earlier in the year I was surveying blog land and I came across this post from 3191 Miles Apart for a home-made wood conditioner.  I have several beloved new and old wood kitchen products that are near and dear to me like my cutting board, my long-handled spoons and a few wood tools (e.g. the ice pick).

So, to protect them, I got out the double boiler and got to work.  I followed the recipe which is simply one part beeswax to one part mineral oil....and easy peasy...

1lb brick of unrefined beeswax
I bought some unrefined beeswax in bricks from a vendor on ebay.  I do not recommend bricks of this size.  First, if you need anything less than a full pound, it's a #@@! to cut into smaller pieces.  Also, it takes a while for it to melt completely due to its size.  My future purchases were made at GloryBee Foods in the unrefined, cosmetic grade beeswax.used a quart mason jars to simultaneously mix the hindsight, not the best choice.  They were very difficult to handle, once hot. 

I went to the Container Store and got some hermetic jars to hold my newest wood alixir.
Finished product in these jars

Wood Butter...ready to be gifted and pressed into service in the kitchen. ~ksp

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