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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Declaration of Independence...from weeds!

Work got real busy and the weeds at my Oakeside community garden plots got way out of hand...I mean WAY out if hand.

See photographic evidence here:


Q: So what's a girl to do?  A: Declare independence from weeds!

You can barely see the edible greens...there's cabbage and collards in foreground of the photo.  There are also peppers and tomatoes and a potato tower in the background.  Help me holy ghost, the strangle vine morning glories choke off everything...and the bugs...oh, the bugs.  I have never seen a more diverse bug population...darn organic gardening!!

I think I need to reconsider my mulch options. The grass that I'm using must have seeds in it, contributing to my weed population. I need to source some local marsh grass, its expensive but it's seedless.

I spent several hours on July 4th weeding.  It was hot as hades with no shade to be found.  But it was great to see the progress (sorry no "after" photo).

Hope everyone enjoyed their fourth. ~ksp 

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Vynsparks said...

It is a perennial battle against weeds, unfortunately. the only thing to do is to always stay on top - which means a few hours every week. Mulching does work though, but I have never heard of marsh grass. I personally use horse manure.