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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Irresponsible Me!

I am sick and tired of being responsible.  For the rest of this weekend...

I will play!

Enjoy as much of your weekend as you can. ~ksp

To become a quilt for Baby S. (born late June 2010).

To be a quilt for Baby Jr. (due in September 2010).

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Donna Lee said...

I say take the time and enjoy yourself. Life is too short not to have some bit of joy every day. I don't think one missed yo in Ishbel will make much difference, unless you find yourself continually looking for it.

It IS supposed to be fun and it it's not, then something's wrong. I love the shot of all the hexes lined up in the box. That's going to be one colorful quilt.

And, btw, the photo of you at the top of the blog is a great one.