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Monday, July 12, 2010

Garden 2010 Update

This year's garden got off to a late start,

My early garden photo (June 20, 2010).

So imagine my complete glee when on a recent trip to the garden for regular chores that same box looked like this.

July 11 Garden (1)

July 11 Garden(2)

The list of chores included pruning, weeding and re-securing of these supports.  While I was toiling away, I heard a distinct buzzing sound.  I got up and stepped back and witnessed two bumblebees also "working" in the garden on their glorious Flight of the Bumblebee....not this one...this one

Bumblebee in the tomatillo plants.

I assume this is what it looked like from their perspective.

Blossoms, glorious tomato blossoms.

I stepped aside and watched the pair of bees travel from plant to plant.  I was do excited especially because I thought I was going to have to pollinate them myself.

I then moved on to pruning.  Given the recent heat wave, I have been careful to water the garden regularly but did not had not have time to prune.  I've been reading up on pruning and like this article very much.  Because I plant in boxes in rather close quarters, it's important to commit to judicious pruning I got to breaking suckers and thinning the plants.

Who says gardeners have a hard time pruning?

It looks like the heat is coming back just in time for this week's business trip.  My garden helpers will be pressed into service and hopefully when I return, the plants will continue their happy journey to veggie production.
It's nice when your friends know you.  I collect refrigerator magnets, and a truck-driver friend of mine, sent these to add to my collection.

How divine!
Clockwise from upper left: California, Graceland, Nevada, Illinois, Georgia, 
Grand Canyon, Nebraska, Utah and Kentucky.

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