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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year to everyone is the blogosphere...I hope a safe and enjoyable holiday season was had by all.

I don't commit to resolutions, but I am an avid planner.  I try to be reflective and set attainable goals for myself at all times, not just at the new year.

I took some time in the last couple of weeks leading to reorganize my stash and take an assessment of UFOs.


Both my stash and unfinished projects fit in these bins.  They will be stored in a dark place so I am not the least bit worried about them being in clear bins.

I am almost embarrassed by the numbers of unfinished projects that I have committed to.  I must confess, I threw one away (it was too far gone).

I am participating in a UFO completion challenge sponsored by Judy Laquidara on her blog here.

Here are my 12 projects, to be pulled monthly at random.  For now, this is just the list, photos and full descriptions to follow...
  1. Baby A's Argyle Throw
  2. Pretty in Pink (jelly roll quilt)
  3. Rainbow Song Quilt II
  4. Jyoti's Chakra Around the World Batik Quilt
  5. Playing with Jacks (jelly roll quilt)
  6. Baby Watts Flying Geese quilt
  7. Nundlal's Sister's Choice (jelly roll quilt)
  8. Washed, Worn and Improv-ed Yellow Throw
  9. Fungly/Burlap Picnic Blanket
  10. Wonky Star Throw
  11. Quilt of Valor (Patchwork Times Memorial Day Challenge)
  12. Baby Clark II quilt (pinks and polka dots)
There are several other goals on the crafting front.  More details to follow. ~ksp
Kwanzaa Day Seven-Imani (Faith): I will strive to believe with all my heart in people, my parents, my teachers, leaders, and the righteousness and victory of struggle.


    Unknown said...

    Those look my fabric totes. I haven't done a New Year's resolution in ages. I too prefer to have goals as I need them.

    Donna Lee said...

    I am not much of a stasher. I usually buy what I need when I decide on a pattern, except for sock yarn. I have a fondness/weakness for that.

    I don't have too many wips. I have 3 pairs of socks and a sweater in progress. One pair is travelling knitting so it really doesn't count.

    Paula, the quilter said...

    I am unofficially 'playing' in JudyL's challenge and another by Nancy. I signed up for a different challenge by Myra (PhD = projects half done) and committed myself to one. I am such a daredevil, but this one just HAS TO BE DONE! It is a commission and I have already received payment. Onward...

    Granny said...

    Glad you got linked up with us. Looks like some great projects. Good luck getting them finished this year.