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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Random Sunday

I've got a lot to share with you but there is no central theme:

1.  I finished a quilt top for one of my guys.  He's had his first child and is very excited about it.  Here is an "in progress" shot of the top.  I used a Moda jelly roll purchased here in a colorway tag that is long lost.  It is crib sized and has a simple mitered border in cream.   All I have to do is schedule time here to get it all quilted.  I am waiting for several tops to be done and then I'll make a day of it.
A very pink simple jelly roll pattern
2. The NJ State Fair is over and I entered 4 delectables for judging.  I'll be sharing recipes shortly.
    2010 Fair Receipts
    Left to right: golden mint jelly, spice currant jelly, watermelon rind jam and cracked pepper cranberry chutney.
    3.  I got some of the last fiber that the Sanguine Gryffon was selling before discontinuing dyed roving.  Fiber Content: 65% merino 35% silk.  Colorway: Tea Estate.  These 8oz are marinating in the stash until this humidity goes's been a way sticky summer.

    8oz of fibre goodness
    4.  My much neglected garden is beginning to give up her gifts.  It seems this summer I could not adequately keep up with the watering  between the extreme heat and the near drought-like conditions. On a recent maintenance visit, I lost a tomato (I plan to fry it up green).  Also there are some thai hot peppers and habaneros and more rouge mint.  More stuff to get mixed into the daily cooking.

    Small bounty

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    Paula, the quilter said...

    Your Strip Twist top is turning out nicely! No garden around Casa del Quilter this year. Weather was very strange.