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Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Day at the Races

Call to Post 6
My father recently retired from the daily working world and since has had several retirement parties. Yesterday was party number 2 at Monmouth Park. What a time!

Mommy Betting Daddy Betting

The photo on the left is my mother getting some handicapping help. She did okay. She's really not all that into the whole betting thing. My dad, a more seasoned gambler, isn't all that into horse racing. Go figure! All parties report having had a good time.

My Friend the Handler

I made friends with a handler who gave me some tips on some of the races with mixed results. He was showing me cool features of the horses. Its seems like a rough life doesn't smell so great either.

Monmouth Club Level

Monmouth Park is a racetrack built in the 1940's and is very reminiscent of the olden days. The photo above is of the terrace and club levels. While I do love old world charm, that area is a little too sterile for my tastes. I quickly moved down to the grounds level. Park benches and over-priced beers are much more my speed. My day summed up in one photo.

Day at the Races
  1. Amy Bulter Rowan knitting bag
  2. Crab Cake Festival Freebies: cups and t-shirts
  3. US Open Socks - Fluted Bannister (ravel it)
  4. Blackberry Curve (new toy!)
  5. Betting tickets & scouting book
Finish Line
The finish line.


Kim said...

I love goiggn to the races! If you want old world charm a drive to Saratoga in August for a day or 2 of racing would be fun. One of oldest race tracks in the US(charming wooden stands and buildings)and the town is lots of fun too. Also there are 2 yeanrs shops in Saratoga and spas galore.

Donna Lee said...

I have never been to a horse race even though I grew up in the shadow of the Garden State Racetrack (now gone to make way for retail). It always looked exciting but confusing.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

How is the Blackberry curve? I have been thinking of getting something like it.... what do you think?

I loved the horse races this summer! I took my youngers when my oldest went to FL for the summer. Looks like you had a blast.

I have enjoyed looking around your blog. :)

Have a great night!


Madamefoo said...

You know, I am pretty good at pickin' the ponies. I have sort of a sixth sense for the sport. If only you had called me and told me what colors the horsey was wearin', I could have made you a million. Oh well...

Aren't you lovin' that new Blackberry Curve!

Jessica said...

Looks like a great day! I tend to love the smell of horse barns, but that may just be nostalgia for my riding days gone by. And yes, the race life is not an easy one for anyone involved.