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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Season of Firsts

I am known for being a bit of a retro woman...I grow vegetables in a very small plot of land, sew clothing and can fruits and vegetables seasonally. This trend also means I prefer, whenever possible, to give handmade gifts. I am almost always planning a project for someone's wedding, new baby, new home, etc.

This spring, I was invited to four baby showers (actually only three as one invitation got "lost in the mail"). In the last few years, I have given hand knit baby shower gifts, but alas, I do not knit that quickly. I decided instead to make baby bigger than 60'x 48'. I thought, "surely I can sew more quickly than I could knit."

Never to wince at a challenge, my first quilt of the season was also my first quilt EVER. I have been sewing since my tweens so the idea of a 1/4" instead of a 5/8" seam seemed simple enough. For my first project, I grabbed Moda Jelly Roll Zaza and began cutting the jewel-toned strips into 2.5" squares.

After what seemed like weeks of machine piecing, I had 4x4 multi-colored squares. I attached cream-colored sashing and a mitered border...voila...

I then went to my LQS and (using a long arm machine) stipple stitched words into each square including the baby's name. It was a cool project. The squares got a little wonky in spots but I think that adds to the charm. It's a good thing it was a good experience because I needed three more before the end on June.

The best part was the picture of babyZ wrapped up for a nap.



Donna Lee said...

Kelli that's a beautiful quilt, especially for a first effort! I like to give handmade gifts too. I like to think of the person while I'm making it and put all kinds of good thoughts and wishes into my work. I've always thought of myself as the perfect victorian housewife (well, except for my attitude!) because I can cook and sew and knit and crochet and can my own fruits and vegetables and a whole host of other "lost arts". It's nice to find someone else who shares my passions. And I'm a social worker, too.

Ina said...

Wow, fantastic first quilt - gorgeous colors set off by just the right style of quilting! And the quilt in use photo is sweet!

Kim said...

You really are a hobby whore! That quilt kicks butt. It's gorgeous! Well done!

sophanne said...

Welcome to blogland no longer blogless kelli!

The colors of that quilt are great! Beautiful.

craftivore said...

Very cute quilt! How nice that your LQS has a long arm that they let you use. Welcome to the blogosphere.

Mary Beth said...

Awesome quilt! I too am lover of many hobbies. It's also a known fact that I want to be able to do the most intricate thing at the outset of any new one. Sigh. Your quilt is a fabulous start.