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Thursday, September 15, 2011

For Vinay and Sabrina

I miss my lovely friends Vinay and Sabrina so much.  I've talked about them before here when I made their sons quilts. They now live across the outside of London too far to provide me with cooking lessons.  When we were relative neighbors in Massachusetts, they taught me the finer points of Indian cuisine including condiment (chutney and raita) preparations.  This is for them...

Using a Shan spice mix I made this chicken biryani.  There is a recipe on the back of the box that I followed loosely.

Biryani is great for slightly past-their-prime veggies.  I cut up some carrots and eggplant and other veggies that I had laying around in the kitchen, plus some tomatoes that I was stewing for later canning.

Veggies Before the Chicken Biryani
Before the chicken and the brown basmati.
After this photo, I added some yogurt, mined mint and cilantro plus the previously sauted chicken and then a layer of par-boiled brown basmati rice.

Chicken Biryani
All done...very tasty.
Hey I've got leftovers. Any takers? ~ksp

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