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Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm Buzzing

I have been jones-ing to join a quilting bee.  In the past, I have joined knitting swaps and a few quilting swaps, but never a 6 or 12 month bee.  So I went through various websites and found this Flickr group that a a virtual meeting place for folks looking to join a bee or those looking for members.

After a few weeks of reading listings and waiting, I joined the Sew Bee Joyful 12-month bee.  The membership is a mix of quilters of various skill levels with different technical interests (e.g. applique and embroidery).

I looked at the scraps that she sent me and pulled together some Kona Solids to (in my quilting-eye) pull the scraps all together.

lime, green tea, periwinkle, purple, turquoise, orange, and red

September is our kick-of month, and the first queen bee asked for two 12.5" wonky long cabin blocks using this tutorial.

The first block will be green/purple and turquoise/orange

the Sew Bee Joyful group icon

Block One: Turquoise/Orange
Block Two: Purple and Green

So far, I'm loving this.  ~ksp

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