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Monday, September 19, 2011

Customer for Life

When I bought my JukiTL98Q from in 2009, I received a complimentary gift certificate for $200..gotta love that. I used it to purchase a copy of Electric Quilter6.  I was new to quilting software but as a visual person, I loved the idea of using the computer to sketch and, more importantly, to do the maths...hate the maths...

Long story short, in the fall of 2009, my trusted MacBook crashed and died on me.  Unfortunately, I did not properly back-up my software and I could not find the software CD.  In short, I was in a lurch.

Jump cut to 2011, as part of my Sew Bee Joyful Virtual Bee I wanted to use turquoise and red in a scrappy execution of a traditional-ish block. This presented a design challenge for me because I was going to have to translate my design ideas to others.  Somehow, my sketches and (questionable math) on cocktail napkins were not gonna cut it.

I lamented at the loss of my EQ6 software.  I researched buying EQ7 new at  $ just wasn't in the budget right now. On a lark, I reached out to Electric Quilter.  A few clicks on their computers and $12 later and there was a CD headed my way. Awesome!!  I love any company that stands behind their product and supports their customers.  I got a live person, who was informed about the product and could actually HELP me.  They had me at (live person) hello.

I had already chosen the Lover's Lane block (from the Quilter's Cache site here).  The block is simple, yet with color placement, can look very complex.

So with my new re-acquisition, I got to doodling and came up with this design.

Since it's going to be scrappy, the colors will vary but the color values will remain the same.  For example, reds will be consistent - dark and bright

Using EQ6, I can print out the estimated yardage and the strip piecing instructions for my Bee-mates??hive members?? (What is the proper term?)

Whatd'ya think? ~ksp


RobinH said...

Cool! I love seeing how blocks look different in different colors.

..but I'm getting distracted by the quilt pretty! Actually stopped by from your YH blog comment to ask...dumpling place in the East Village? Who, where? I'm srsly looking for a new dumpling place since my old fave closed a year or two ago.

Vinay said...

I think these are fantastic Kelli! Any new ones since last Fall?