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Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Quick Project

As a social worker, I work with awesome young people.  With them, I celebrate their accomplishments including the birth of their children.  As a lover of scraps, I pulled some scraps out to quickly make a diaper changing pad for a gift basket.

I started with a 12" Ohio Star pattern from the Quilter's Cache.  I then got to work on my scraps and, after some simple quilting...voila!


I added it to sundry items from other colleagues designed to give the new mom a little assistance. ~ksp

Special delivery.

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Donna Lee said...

It's beautiful! I've given handmade gifts to some of the folks I work for. Some of my colleagues think that this is not a good idea but my feeling is that some of these folks have never had anyone care enough to do that. If I get to show them that they're worthy of some extra attention, then good for me and good for them.

What a lovely idea to give someone a basket of starter stuff.