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Saturday, April 2, 2011


Picture heavy post!

In earlier blog posts, I showed some silk cocoons I bought on etsy here. They sat in a vase on my desk at work for some time as decoration while I researched (via the internet) the proper way to process them.


Since that purchase, I've watched multiple videos and read lots of articles on how to process them.  This is where the wonder world of the web-based learning and reality collide with disastrous results.

I got out my frame and added a peg to stretch the cocoons across.



****Disaster Alert***
It seems I cooked the cocoons on too high heat for too long....or something like that because the next thing I knew all of my bright vibrant colors were gone and everything was a muddled gray.

There were little specks of bug innards that I wasn't able to get out.


All was not lost.  By the time I rised everything stretched on the frame and it dried the silk was nice enough.  If I am going to use it for any purpose I have a lot more prep work to do including dyeing at some point...

 So what's the lesson here boys and girls?

just because you study something on the internet, you are NOT necessarily an expert. ~ksp

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