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Friday, April 15, 2011

There's Something Sweet in Denmark

My best friend (also known as my surrogate sister) and her husband (last name: Denmark) are expecting and I am so happy for them.  As soon to be auntie, I find it necessary to pull out all of the craft stops to shower my new niece with gift.  Afterall, I will be the Spinster* Aunt so I MUST be the favorite auntie.

While on a recent trip to the City Quilter to cash in a gift certificate that was burning a whole in my pocket, I picked up a small fat quarter bundle of Moda's Breakfast at Tiffany's line. The colors are somewhat muted and classic.  Because I love all things scrappy, I added a few other fabrics to break up the similarities and beef up the yardage.  I usually don't like as many florals as this colorway offers, but by combining the damasks and the polka dots, I love it.

After mulling over several patterns, I dusted off the Irish Chain Quilt pattern I used last winter and committed to the triple.

Strips on the Line
2.5" strips hanging on the rack awaiting their turn.
The triple lay out produces 14"finished blocks so twelve few blocks go a long way, especially since I am making a slightly larger crib size.

Six out of twelve blocks completed.
I'll need to figure out how I will frame the squares.  I like the idea of using browns.  The nursery is sage green so I thinking (hope) these colors will "pop" in the room and wear well through the abuse. 

I love stripes and polka dots together.
I love this green tonal stripe that I picked up. I am not yet sure if I will use it for the borders or the binding.  I tend to inadvertently twist binding which may make a horizontal stripe a bad idea....any suggestions?

There are several other projects in the works for Baby Denmark including a Christening blanket and a series of bonnets/hats.  I bought these books to further inspire me.

I do not have ANY baby friendly and machine washable yarns* in the I must go shopping.
While I do not personally care for acrylic blends and superwash yarns, I refuse to saddle a new mom that also works outside of the home with a bunch on hand wash/soak only items.  The baby hats in this book are so cute that the stylish spinster aunt will not settle for anything else/less.  ~ksp

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