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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Host/Hostess Gift

Here is a fun project that I completed as a gift to my cousins this past fall season. If you would like to make your own, choose other colors for a more neutral or seasonal palette.

I was inspired by a post on the Purl Bee.  Ever smitten, I ordered one of their Spectrum Bundles.


I paired them with some handkerchief linen that I got at my local fabric store (Halsey Fabric) and followed the purl tutorial here.  Handkerchief linen can be very wiley and slippery if you aren't paying close attention, which made this a bit tedious.


With the leftover scraps, I made a scrappy log cabin table centerpiece.  I used Insul Bright batting and a cross-hatch quilting pattern.  The batting makes it heat resistant and lessens the likelihood of a hardwood table being ruined by the evening's casserole.


Tedium aside, but I had a blast making them.  ~ksp


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