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Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Amsterdam Market

I love to buy and eat as local as is reasonably possible and I love shellfish.  None more than oysters.  So when I got an invitation to support the New Amsterdam Market, I jumped at the opportunity.

This market's mission is to promote economic development and build a new market district
in lower Manhattan.


For fifty bucks, the bill of fare will feature oysters from six regions of the Chesapeake and one from the  Delaware Bay as follows:

  • Easter Shore, Upper Bay
  • Easter Shore, Lower Bay
  • Western Shore, Upper Bay
  • Western Shore, Middle Bay
  • Western Shore, Lower Bay
  • Tidewater
 Delaware Bay
  • Cape May Salts
If you are in the New York area and love shellfish, please come out tonight and check it out.  I am getting together with a group of friends and I'm gonna get full. ~ksp

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