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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Either Really Early or Hella Late!!

For some time now, I have been planning on coordinating a scarf and dress mittens to go with my charcoal gray winter dress coat. 

Yeah, I know, winter is already officially over...but who cares...I'll be hella early for next winter.  The offering on the left is Sundara fingering silky merino.  It was an offering from a yarn club she offered several years ago...I love her tonal dyeing.  I am thinking of making Evelyn Clark's Swallowtail Shawl it's a simple triangle.

I'm making a pair of color-coordinated, stash-busting  Fiddlehead mittens using Trekking Pro Natura wool-bamboo blend and some Koigu KPM in the beautifully named 233 colorway.

Doughnut added for scale :)
Now I just have to find set of US 4 DPNs and get much for being early. ~ksp

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Donna Lee said...

I am planning next winter's beret for some handspun I have. Just looking for a pattern I love. Nothing wrong with being early!