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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back in the Saddle

...meanwhile, back at the ranch....It's been a crazy and trying season round these parts and I am glad to be back to some semblance of new normal.  Thanks to all that expressed concern.  I am well....

....and in craft news....readers may remember in June 2010, I was in Florida visiting family and nearly lost my mind due to boredom.  After all, there is but so much sitting around in the air conditining that I can take. I went to the local Super Jo-Ann's and bought some charm squares. Out of delirum, I ended up purchasing way more than what was needed.

Since one of my dearest friends had his first baby (Baby S), I wanted to honor the event (in my usual fashion) by gifting a quilt.  I took the rest of the charm squares and converted them (with some other scraps) into a flying geese quilt.

I used this tutorial but also sewed an additional seam 1/4" from the first.  This way, after cutting I ended up with what Bonnie Hunter call bonus 1/2 triangle squares.

I have previously completed a flying geese pinwheel quilt and knew that I wanted to do a different layout this time.  After a couple of hours of square placement I came up with a pattern that I liked.  I wanted there to be a color gradation element to the design, as well as be linear.

Baby S Layout
All laid out on the couch and ready for the machine.
After laying it out, I strip pieced it into vertical strips and then into a larger center medallion.  As part of my ongoing efforts to not buy fabric, I used an orange and white in the stash.  for flavor, I added strips of some of the bonus squares that were left over from flying geese production.

Baby Selven
Can you find the odd-ball square?

So far I love it. I still need to create a few more borders. I am trying to use up more of the bonus squares (of which there are too many), but I'd also like to give Baby S his quilt before his first birthday.

I will soon schedule time to rent the long-arm machine and finish this gift.

Any additional border ideas?~ksp


Donna Lee said...

that's a beautiful baby quilt. It's bright and colorful without being childish.

I'm glad things are settling back down into what passes for normal.

Kelli Simone said...

Thanks Donna. I'm hoping that once I finish it and get it to him, he'll use it threadbare.