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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Simple Local Foods

I've previously talked here about my quest to cut back the amount of sugar I consume. It is not going well at all. Fighting an addiction, I don't care what your addicted to, is very difficult.  While I do consume less soda and processed drinks, I still can't take mildly sweetened coffee and love pastries....uugghhh...

Alas, I shall soldier on...

In other food related news.  This is the sign that hangs at the urban farm/produce stand that I buy my garden plants and occasionally fruits and vegetables.


So as I lick my wounds from my epic fail to eat less sugar, I am also focusing on eating simple mostly local foods.
My Definitions

Local - Grown or raised within the state of NJ or within a 30 mile radius.  Given I live within 19 miles of NYC and 30 of Sussex County, NJ's farm land, that provides a lot of options.

Simple - Less than 5 ingredients (not including spices).
This is a mostly-local meal.  Local eggs thanks to the Montclair Farmer's Market, tomatoes I grew and stewed and store bought brislings

Simple Foods

Tasty, healthy simple and local. ~ksp

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