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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tomato Pickles

Green_Green Zebras
I've recently developed a new blog crush here. I love her juxtaposition of urban living and homesteading. Feels both traditional and hip.

My local farmer's market often has unripe green zebra tomatoes.  It's not a variety I have any interest in growing, but they do make an awesome pickle.  I made minor variations to Tigresses recipe here mostly because I had no fenugreek in the spice cabinet and I used sugar in the raw) and I was not going back to the market.

All sliced up and ready for salting.

After letting it drain overnight, I commenced to cooking bright and early the next morning.
After some quick mixing and a hot water bath...pints of yummy pickles to accompany meals throughout the winter. ~ksp

Tomatoe Pickles

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