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Friday, July 25, 2008

Tasting Party

Tonight was MYSnB and as usual it did not disappoint.

Last week I mentioned that I was entering a few items in the canning competition for the NJ State Fair. Because the MY Stitch and Bitchers are my people, they too were very excited about the prospects. I brought some libations (red and white), cheeses (smoked and sharp) and my four entries for tasting and feedback (recognizing that the deadline to drop off items in 7/26 so there was not a lot of time to make any changes).

The offerings:

Top, left to right: marinara fra diavolo and pickled beets
Bottom row: left to right: mango chutney, blueberry orange jam, and oranges in cointreau

The verdicts:
My creation

Happy faces! That's a good sign!

The NJ State Fair runs August 1st - 10th. Wish me luck. ~ksp


Kim said...

Blogger ate my first comment. As far as I'm concerned you win the blue ribbon. It was adleish but my favorite is definitely the fra diavolo sauce.

Madamefoo said...

Well I must say that a fine time was had by all last night. The HobbyWhore was kind enough to let me walk away with some chutney and the fabulous oranges in cointreau. When I got home I mixed up a couple Jose Quervo margaritas and plopped in an orange slice...YUMM-A-LICIOUS! Thank you HobbyWhore :)

xtina said...

thank you for the croppage! those beets were my favorite!

craftivore said...

Oooh, those look good. I would like to taste the mango chutney and the blueberry orange jam. Wait, maybe I want to taste the oranges and marinara fra diavolo and the pickled beets too! Good luck at the fair.

Ina said...

Thank you for a magnificent spread, the fabulous toppings to go with, and my very own crinkle-cut beets. I love 'em and DH, who abhors pickled beets, admitted they smell good. You have no idea how cosmic that is. I think we're talking state fair ribbons. And I am so psyched to go!

paula, the quilter said...

I like picked beets! But I want to try the blueberry orange jam. I have never had success making jams or jellies, but I make a killer garlic dill pickle. You asked about how I display my little quilts: I have a quilt wall in my sewing room that they are all displayed all the time. Of course they are now creeping onto another wall. I need to re-think how to display them.

Jessica said...

Best of luck! Wish I hadn't missed that SnB!!

Victoria said...

What is that orange stuff? It looks yummy; I wanna taste it. Don't show up here in Philadelphia without it.

Ashaki said...

And don't forget to give her enough "orange stuff" so that she can share it with her free loading friend.