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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Dreams, Ripped at the Seams...

...but Oh, Those Summer Nights.

I play slow pitch, high-arc softball in the Tri-Town (West Orange, Clifton and Bloomfield) Women's Recreation League with some amazing women. We didn't make the playoffs this year in a rough defeat, and I struck out at 2 at bats*, nevertheless, I had some great summer nights.

A salute to the ladies of O'Neil's softball team...


Jan, Sharon, Gil, Donna (with her back turned), Paw Steel (our good luck charm) & Marie.

Herb (base coach and supportive spouse), Massey, Chris, Missy and Janine.
Not pictured: Staci,
Nagel and me.


Donna at bat!

Missy - on first base

Our other crackpot manager/base coach Lou "foot in his mouth" Massey managed to allude photos) as did hordes of fans.

Thanks for a great time. ~ksp

* I vow to practice my hitting in the off season. Wink!


Donna Lee said...

My last experience with slow-pitch was in the stands watching some friends play. I turned to laugh at something and got smacked on the head with the ball. Good thing it was slow-pitch

Kim said...

Sorry about not making the playoffs. You did your very best and there is no crying in slow pitch softball. There's always next year!