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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And Then There Were None

This is Kimberly and Robert. I met them a little more than five years ago when I spent the summer between living in Atlanta and Boston with my family in NJ. Since I've had ADHD before science knew there was such a thing, I spent that summer volunteering as a grant-writer for the non-profit that Robert heads up.

Last fall, the couple announced that they were expecting. I knew that the nursery colors were burgundy and teal, but I didn't know much else about the decor. So the pondering began...

I scoured the internet looking for ideas. I wanted something classic and fresh with a vintage/scrappy feel. I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and bought short yardages of different fabrics in the same color family. I bought Fig Tree Quilt's Argyle pattern on clearance at Purl Soho (what a great find).

This was my second quilt (although the last to be posted here) and my first foray into commercial patterns. I had so many questions: was the seam allowance included in the template or not, how do I size-down this queen size pattern to accommodate a baby crib, how many of these #@%& triangles do I have to cut out?

Whew! Breathe...

Here is the finished product...roughly 60" x 60". I quilted a stipple stitch inside of the green "stars" and in one square I hid the baby's name.

Up close you can see the different reds, greens and creams.

Here's mom-to-be with me at the baby shower...

And here is babyC all cuddled up with his quilt.

I made so many baby blankets this season that I am drinking bottled water for fear that there's something in the tap water. ~ksp


Kim said...

Kick ass quilt! I love those colors. Did your friend choose her t-shirt to match the quilt in that photo? Cute sleeping baby too.

Donna Lee said...

Kinda scary all the babies being born isn't it? The colors you chose are gorgeous. Perfect for a child after they grow out of babyhood.

Janet said...

Wonderful quilt and darling baby. Mum and dad must be so proud!
Thanks for sharing

DeltaPurl said...

how beautiful!!!! I really want to make a quilt, got to get a sewing machine the triangles already come cut out?