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Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Guided Tour

August 1, 2008 marked the beginning of the NJ State Fair-Sussex County Farm & Horse Show.

Cruddy picture of opening nite fireworks taken with camera phone.

Faithful readers will remember that I entered four items into the Home Economics competition. Because I could not take the suspense of waiting until this weekend to find out the results of the pre-judged competitions, Friday night Damien and I drove over to the Sussex County Fair Grounds.

I grew up in Essex county, NJ which is largely urban and/or suburban but sure as hell not rural. So, as fairs go, I am accustomed to something different than what I saw. The food, the exhibitors and the hometowniness of it all was quite refreshing.

As a result of this reconnaissance mission, I bring to you, my readers...

A Guide to the NJ State Fair

Must sees:
  • The home economics competition of course. My work is there proudly displayed with other talented New Jerseyans.
  • The photography competition in the Richards Building. New Jersey has some very talented residents.
Must eats:
  • Funnel cake...Pennsylvanian Dutch perfection...requires no explanation. They even have Oreos fried in funnel cake batter....(in Homer Simpson voice: ummm...chocolate).
  • The roasted corn guy. They roast whole ears of corn and then, using the husk as a handle, dip them into butter...words fail to express the yumminess.
Must dos:
  • Visit the animals...they definitely remind you of NJ's agricultural roots.There are even a few sheep.
  • Carnival rides - mostly wooden and on a small scale, a must do especially if you have children with you.
Things to Take Home:
  • Jersey Fresh produce - They don't call us The Garden State for nothin'.
  • Jefferson Dairy- If you take 15 South home you will pass this dairy dream. I can personally attest to the Dirty Diaper - chocolate ice cream, with chocolate and other gooey, very tasty chunks. This is a very rich very decadent, very yummy ice cream. And the helpings are on the big side. I had trouble finishing a small cup and I rarely have that problem when faced with a pint of Ben & Jerry's (cough! cough!).

  • Pieceful Choices Quilt Shop - This shop is the sponsor of the quilt competition. For the fabric lovers, definitely a place to stop and enhance one's stash.
  • Pochuck Valley Farms - This little stand on Rt 206 screams hometown. They have fresh locally grown produce, canned treats like watermelon rind jelly, and candies like root beer flavored licorice.
The weather is supposed to be lovely, so if your inclined come on out. I'll be there Saturday afternoon around 2PM. My peeps of MYSnB should be milling around as well.

Next post...the ribbon count....


Victoria said...

i am officially disgusted. you never told me there would be roasted corn! and funnel cakes!

Kim said...

Congrats on your ribbons too! I am hoping ot make it out to the fair. I loves me a county fair.

YankeeQuilter said...

How I miss funnel cakes! Your canned goods looked great in the previous the idea of blueberries and orange!

Ashaki said...

I personally feel that funnel cakes are overrated. But the corn on the other hand...