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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Handmade Holidays - Quilted Sunshine

Quilted Sunshine

A good friend of mine is going through a rough patch.  She lives several states away so I cannot be a physically present help to her.  But, I can do something for her, I can bend a rule.

My general rules for quiltmaking are as follows:
  1. Quilts that I make are to be used.  I have never made a wall hanging quilt, I usually make bed/lap sized quilts and I want them to be used.  I don't care if they fray, I can make another one. 
  2. Most quilts are to commemorate a significant event.  Now this rule is a bit tricky because I most often gift quilts on the occasion of a new birth, but I've given for other reasons.
  3. I make the rules; which means they are subject to be altered at my whim.
With this quilt I exercise rule #3.

I followed the Oh, Fransson! tutorial here.  I wanted it to be bright and cheery and possibly coordinate with her living room which is an asparagus green.  I raided my stash and found a bright fat quarter bundle full of bright oranges and pinks and added to it as necessary.
I obviously cannot follow simple instructions and need a cheat.
I had the hardest time keeping track of the proper order of the fabrics...I was going for cheery, not perfect, so I pressed on.  I used a lattice lay-out for the 8" blocks.  The finished quilt was roughly 50" x 72".


The back.
Close up of meander machine quilting.
Day Two: Kujichagulia - Self-Determination: I will actively work toward defining myself, creating for myself and my community and speaking for myself and my communities of membership.

Day Three: Ujima - Collective Work and Responsibility: I will use my energy to build and maintain my communities, to assist my brothers and sisters solve their/our problems together.


ETA: Delivered. She lurves it and it has already been installed. ~ksp


paula, the quilter said...

Indeed, that is quilted sunshine. Your friend will appreciate the thought and the gift.

Victoria said...

I love, love, love my quilt! Thank you so much.

If that jackass didn't serve any other purpose in my life he at least helped me to get a quilt!

Can't wait to snuggle with sunshine!