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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Europe 2009: France

During the world wind 2009 European vacation, I made my way through Paris. I absolutely love history and Paris architecture has not shortage of great buildings. High on the list of places to see was the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Parisian seat of the Roman Catholic Church.

The stone detail work is exquisite.

We later traveled down the Seine to see the sights including:

le Tour Eiffel

On the Siene near Notre Dame Cathedral

Having done a fair amount of internet research before arriving, I had a list of places I intending to visit and Le Rouvray, a small patchwork shop near Notre Dame was on the list. Cutest damn patchwork shop in Paris. I was a bit disappointed at both the exchange rate (damn recession) and the number of fabrics that were imported from Asia. Nevertheless, I was able to find these small bundles of regionally produced fabrics.


All this...and fabric?! A girl could get used to this! ~ksp

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