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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Europe 2009: Amsterdam

As part of the circuit, we made a trip through Amsterdam. This is not my first time to this glorious city. In 1996 en route from Ghana I had the occasion to spend some time here. I was most pleased to be able to visit again. Unlike some Americans, what I appreciate most about the city is not the legalized canibus. I love the culture of the Netherlands, the laid-back attitude, great (often local) food and great beer...hello Heineken.

I just had to indulge.

As is to be expected, we took the canal tour of the city. What a beautiful place. And we were blessed with great weather.

Successive canals view.

Requisite nekkid local-in-the-window,

Boat house.

Lunch was at a local restaurant where we dined al fresco and took in the sights.

GrilledVeggie Sand
Grilled veggies with local cheese...divine.

On the list of places to visit included Knopenwinkel, a local button shop. The storefront is just too cute and inviting.
Shoppers are greeted by a giant button.

And the offerings inside were too numerous to count. I added greatly to the great button stash (photos at some other time).


We later took the Stena Ferry from the Hook of Holland to Harwich. It was a lovely ride.

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