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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Life has been moving so quickly, I hardly know where the time went. I have been very busy with several projects and preparing for the coming holiday season with knitted/sewn and store-bought gifts. So I wanted to share some of the cool items I've come across lately.

First up...a new soap. I have sensitive skin, very sensitive skin and because of it I don't usually venture out with soaps and lotions and the bit. Though, I had been dying to try fellow knitter Rosie G's soap products. A few weeks ago she did a limited run on soaps and I was able to snag a few bars. It was love at first lather. The smell was present yet subtle. The soap lathered quickly (I love bubbles) and rinsed clean leaving my skin moisturized. I doubled my shower time the first time I used it. Addictive.

Rubber Duckie & Rosie's Soap
Almond soap chillin' with rubber duckie.

Next, I got a bit of a care package from Savannah, GA. I lived in Georgia for several years, yet never made it to Savannah. I hear it's beautiful. And if this goodie bag is any indication. I should avoid this town like the plague (I have too many consumption options right here in NJ).

Servable honeycomb and handmade organic raffia beach bag. I loves me some bright colors.

The internet can be a dangerous place. I turned to it recently because I needed a pill case to contain my many malady remedies. On etsy, I found this beautiful and reasonably priced one here. It's a beautiful addition to the items already floating around in my purse.

Pill Case

Then my knitting mentor designed and knit my mother this cardigan. She is so talented. We started with a stitch pattern from one of Barbara Walker's books and the next thing I knew, after some measurements were taken and a button run to NYC completed, voila! I am encouraging her to write up the pattern.

Yarn: 8 skeins Schulana Mosco
Chest Measurement: 48"

Lastly, my current sweater in progress is Hey Teach! of knitty fame. I raided Michael's during their last big sale and bought 6 skeins of their Patons Classic wool in this beautiful heathery medium blue. Since I am tall and busty (DDD cups), I am making some modifications, namely lengthening the sleeves and the bodice.

I will take pictures of the sweater in progress as soon as I dig it out from my pile of UFOs. ~ksp


Ina said...

Nice favorite things! I especially covet/love the momsweater. What's going on with the stripey goodness that the Paton's is resting on?

Shameka said...

I am working on Hey Teach too. I started with lengthening the sleeves, then had to frog them and start over. I put it on a break to prepare my sweater for Rhinebeck, but I will say that the stitch pattern gets very easy and predictable as you work on it. Good Luck!!

Donna Lee said...

Love the Hey Teach sweater and I really like the momsweater. That looks comfortable and gorgeous. The Michael's near me just moved to a new store and it's so overcrowded that I try to avoid it. It's too bad because there aren't that many places to buy craft things anymore.

Andrea said...

Hey Kelli,

I love your favorite things. The mom sweater is beautiful. Can't wait to see your Hey Teach. By the way, thanks for the nice comment you left me.