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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Date Food

One of my best friends cooked himself salmon for dinner and then later lamented to me that if he knew how good the meal was going to be, he would have saved it and cooked it for his girlfriend.

He said, "that meal was so good, it was date food."

I laughed my ass off which is quite common in our conversations.

Soon thereafter, I stopped at Whole Foods (whole paycheck) and could not resist buying some sea scallops. I brought them home and was inspired to serve them to myself.

Date Dinner

Seared sea scallops served over wheat spaghetti with sauted spinach and marinara fra diavolo.

Damn! That was date food! ~ksp


paula, the quilter said...

O! That looks so enticing that it made me hungry and it is only 8:30am.

Anonymous said...

Yum! Made me hungry too!

Kim said...

Date food? Isn't that a tube steak smothered in underwear? Sorry, I'm so immature! Those sea scallops looks awesome! I was at whole foods yesterday and, for the first time, managed to buy no extraneous extras like fancy soap or candles or body wash. I did buy 4 chocolate bars, but those are necessities.

Ina said...

Definitely date food!

Donna Lee said...

Kinda like going to Wegmans. Too many choices never enough money. Your scallops look delicious. And I love the concept of 'date food'.