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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Philadelphia-Part One: A Fat Ass' Tour

They say that Seattle is the mecca for good coffee and New Orleans is the home of the best jazz. Outside of being the birthplace of the US democratic system, what is Philadelphia the home of? Great food!

Hail Alma Mater!

For those who do not know, I went to Temple University for my undergraduate studies. It was there that I learned that Philadelphians know how to eat. And eat good.
I attribute this to two things: its blue collar roots and the Pennsylvania Dutch (how they don't have a higher incidence of obesity I do not understand). And, if Philly is the home of good eats, then this is ground zero.

Reading Terminal
Reading Terminal is one of my favorite places to to. The offerings are abfab.

Saturday morning we made several stops for breakfast. First up...

Beiler's Sign

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Next, we stopped here to get more nutritious offerings. That is, of course if you consider a turkey bacon, egg and cheese sandwich or blueberry pancakes nutritious. Take a gander...

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At least it's wheat bread!

No visit to Philly is complete without stopping by Chocolate by Mueller's. They are a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch chocolatier. The English language fails in its ability to describe the tastiness of their chocolate. They also have other candies including marzipan and a chocolate covered onion.

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Lest you think the consumption only applied to food, while walking Fabric Row (increased the fabric stash), I also stopped by Sophie's Yarns and snagged these...

Two skeins of Asland Trends Ivernal (ravelry). It's 50% Rabbit Angora, 25% Merino Wool & 25% Polyamide and it feels yummy. I have absolutely no idea what to do with it, maybe a small shawl/scarf. Until inspiration hits, it goes into the stash. ~ksp


paula, the quilter said...

OMG. If I lived in Philly I'd be HUGE! All my favorite foods. Yum. Another Yum is that yarn. How much did you get? I have a habit of only getting 50-100gr and then have to figure out whether to make a hat or scarf. I really should start getting a bit more of the same dye lot so I can make something a bit bigger than a premie hat.

Ina said...

Thanks for the tour, part one. I love the Reading Terminal Market! What fascinating yarn - whatever you make, it will be WARM.

Donna Lee said...

I've never figured out how the Amish stay so thin, must be all the work they do because they eat good. I work several blocks from the Terminal. It's a favorite place. And, btw, that was one beautiful tomato you grew!

Kim said...

I love Philly! A few years ago I went to a multi-day seminar a couple blocks from Reading Terminal. Every break I would run over and try something new to eat. Nice yarn: cozy & warm. A shawl or cowl?

Kyra said...

What a marvelous trip - and FABRIC too!