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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trouble the Water

I went into The City with a good friend to see Trouble the Water at IFC. It's a newly-released documentary on a ninth ward New Orleans family affected by Katrina.


A nice turnout.

This showing was sponsored by PolicyLink. Both the directors and the editor of the film were present for a Q&A session after the screening. It was all very insightful. Right now the film is in limited release. The producers were told by theather groups that, "no one wants to see a movie about tough economic times during tough economic times." I suspect this is not true of those already inclined to watch documentaries.

Because conversations about social justice and equity can work up quite an appetite, Carla and I fortified ourselves here.

John's of Bleeker Street

Several lives ago, we worked together at a think tank in the West Village and so we took the opportunity to visit an old haunt. This joint is typical of NYC's West Village, as it is SMALL, SMALL, SMALL; but that's the only small thing about it. It's big on taste and portions. Just look at this...

Pepper and onion calzone! We couldn't finish it. We tried!

So if you are inclined to see a film that raises questions of access and opportunity, human rights and political responsiveness, I encourage you to see this film (or request your local indie theatre show it)...and take a friend. ~ksp


Kim said...

I owuld be very interested in seeing that movie. That neighborhood is my old stomping ground form when I went to NYU and worked there too. I love John's Pizza. And Murray's Cheese Shop. I still miss the old hood.

Ina said...

Thanks for the review. The mere mention of the NOLA 9th Ward raises my blood pressure!