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Monday, October 10, 2011

Je crée, donc je suis.

I have a long list of unfinished items in my stash and in my head. While I am definitely a thinker, it's my creativity that best defines me.

One is for a lovely little girl has been without a "blankie" from me since her birth over a year ago. Before she was born, I consulted her mother about the use of Ellie Fun - Karen Neuburger's Pink Dots purchased with Fabriholics Anonymous here on etsy.


This fun polka dot fabric uses rich pinks, purples and reds. Love it!!

I scanned in a photo of the fabric into EQ6 and started doodling. Both quilts are throw size and use a 12" finished version of the Autumn Star block from Quilter's Cache as a base.  After heading Tonya's admonishments to use more contrasting colors and many adjustments, here are my two layout choices:

Option 1: Diamonds are Forever

Option 2: You Zig and I'll Zag

 Baby S is now a walking, soon-to-be-talking toddler, so I am already woefully behind in getting her this quilt.  Maybe I'll get it done before she starts college.

Which layout do you vote for? ~ksp

1 comment:

Regina said...

Diamonds are forever! Both are cute though.