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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Semper Paratis**

As I have previously chronicled here on the blog, I was once a Girl Scout; a Brownie to be more specific.  I learned many things including the need to stay prepared for any eventuality. As we in the US Northeast prepare for hurricane Irene, I'm doing a bit of preparing myself

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FEMA provides lot of information to prepare us for natural/unnatural disasters a three-step guideline. In addition to preparing myself and my home, I had to get my crafts ready.  See how a hobbywhore prepares:

Step 1: Build A Kit
In addition to having bottled water and prepared foods, I prepared myself to craft in a loss-of-power situation. I pulled out this trusty plug-in rechargeable flash-light.

Get one!
Step 2: Make a Plan 
I pulled out my wheel and some Polwarth fiber from Headley Grange's etsy shop.  In addition, I prepared and got pulled out my hoop and my hand quilting tools. This red, white and blue log-cabin wall hanging is a wall hanging that I machine-pieced about 3 years ago for a class at City Quilter.


I will finish basting it, choose a design and get to quilting in Irene's wake.

Step 3: Be Informed 
I have a battery-operated radio in case I lose electricity and/or internet. 

I urge everyone to prepare yourself and your loved one's for emergency.  To all my friends and loved one's in Irene's path, please be safe and be smart.  ~ksp

** semper paratis - while this is a slogan of the US Coast Guard, I learned it from (my four year Latin teacher) Sr. Joan.  She would be so proud of me.  

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