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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Only Because She Asked

When I was in DC for the inauguration, I stayed with a friend who swears that she is a good cook even though I have seen little (if any evidence) to this effect. Throughout our many year relationship, I think she may have cooked once or twice for me. Ironically, a few moths ago when my sister visited with her. She was greeted Saturday morning with a huge breakfast spread (go figure).

Whenever I visit, there is a list of items she would like for me to cook. This time the request was for red beans and rice. So because she asked, I opted for a "one-pot" method and used all turkey meat products. On a recent business trip to Louisiana, she brought back some original Cajun spices so I cracked them open and got to work...the result...


I used more hot pepper than I should have...what can I say "some like it hot".


Meanwhile on the knitting side of town, I have been busy plugging away on Azalea (raverly link). It's a doily pattern from Marianne Kinzel's First Book of Modern Lace Knitting. As this will serve as a baby blanket, it will be considerably larger than a doily. I am using Dream in Color Classy in the Gold Experience colorway on size 7 needles. My girlfried Az (a new mom) loves bold colors and I love semi-solid yarns so hopefully this choice will make both of us happy. The baby is due in July so I may actually be ahead of the game. ~ksp

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