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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Meet Mary Lucy

This is my grandmother's family. She was the youngest child of a proud West Virginia family. Her mother, my great-grand Mary Lucy (seated on the right), in addition to being the matriarch of a large brood kept house for a prominent family in the area. By all accounts she was a woman who understood homestead living. And was master at her craft.

Redman Clan

I never met her. I only know her through stories that my mother and grand mother have told me through the years. I feel a kindred with her, although the times in which we live are so different.

I also know her best through her life's work. I own her (now 100+ year old) Singer sewing machine which I hope to fully restore. I own her Household Searchlight Magazine Cookbook (1938) with all of her notes and recipes glued into the covers.

This is one of my favorite recipes of hers. I love that it is tattered and stained and absolutely delish. I substitute the canned pumpkin for 3 cups of fresh pumpkin puree whenever I can. I also sometimes add 1/2 tsp of cloves...just for kicks.


The proof is in the tasting. ~ksp


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Bridget said...

That bread does look good!

You must be an exceptional person if some of your family is from West Virginia (can you guess where I'm from??) ...