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Monday, October 27, 2008

Neti Pot Prophetess

"It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you
Without a strong rhyme to step to
Think of how many weak shows you slept through
Time's up, I'm sorry I kept you" ~Rakim*

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Several years ago, while living in Atlanta, I developed "the worse sinus infection I've ever seen"**. My ENT referred me to a surgeon who put me under to fix a malformed middle turbinate...I know, I know, more than you wanted to know. Anywho...the surgeon taught me ho w to irrigate my sinuses with a Waterpik. Now if I know my readership as well as I think I do let me answer the obvious questions.
  1. yes, a Waterpik
  2. yes, it was as uncomfortable as it sounds.

Since then, I still irrigate my sinuses but I rely on the wisdom of the ages instead of the brute force. I use a neti pot. I'm not really sure who introduced me to them, but I know it was pre-Oprah. I have since inculcated several folks to join me running water through my nose and sinuses. If you haven't already tried it and you suffer from head cold and sinus pressure. It is truly a life saver.

On to knitting news...
The needles have been very busy around here lately. I finished my first ever sweater in time for NY Sheep and Wool. All of that will be discussed in future posts. For now we will combine two of my loves fiber and food.

I was in the NYC for a Midtown button run and took the opportunity to visit one of my favorite old haunts. Anyone who reads this blog regularly (or as regularly as I have been posting) knows that I loves the East Village (West Village too for that matter!).

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Here is the Dumpling Man chillin' on the swatch to my latest project.

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I think I made dumplings...or was a dumpling in a previous life.

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No meal is complete without the hot sauce.

Here is the latest project. It's a Snuggle Snack from the PurlBee. I am going through MAJOR stash busting so this project is 90% stash (I bought the white) Knit Picks Swish DK Superwash. I am dubbing it the Mint Chocolate Chip Sundae Snuggle Snack.

It's to be a gift for one of my hairdressers who's having her third child.


*  A little hip hop reference...for those in the know
** A direct quote from the ENT.  It made me feel great to hear.

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Kim said...

Neti pot. harhar! It all sounds so new age and crunchy. But hey, who am I to scoff. Now I know what to do if I get a killer sinus infection. Love those minty chip colors. I want dumplings. Yum